What is SCR and AdBlue in BS6 Diesel Engines and was it necessary?

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BS6 exhaust emission norms hype is at its peak with the launch just around a couple of weeks ahead. Automotive manufacturers in India are doing their part in making the sudden new BS6 norms change possible.

Though there was 3-years of time between the BS4 and BS6 norms but the gap made the trouble even worse. The manufacturers put their day and night to finish it on time. Due to this hype consumers had many questions and doubts floating in their heads.3

One such question: What is SCR and AdBlue in BS6 Diesel Engine and was it really necessary?

adblue bs 6 adblue tanks in trucks

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)

The automotive development focusing on the environment, SCR is developed to minimize the pollutants. This method of reduction specifically focuses on reducing the NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) levels.

  • The exhaust gasses contain many polluting gasses like SOx (Sulphur Oxides), NOx (Nitrogen Oxides), COx (Carbon Oxides). These gasses pass through an SCR equipment in the exhaust system of the diesel vehicle.
  • The equipment uses ammonia to break the pollutant down to organic and less harmful gasses. The pollutants break into N2 (Nitrogen) and H2O (Water).
  • SCR catalysts are made from various ceramic materials used as a carrier, such as titanium oxide, and active catalytic components.

AdBlue Technology

  • The new AdBlue technology is a part of the SCR system which helps reduce the harmful exhaust gasses from the engine.
  • AdBlue is a urea solution in water that helps in breaking down the harmful pollutants and in turn release N2 and H2O.
  • AdBlue is a registered trademark of a company in the Germany Association of the Automobile Industry.
  • Although it is expensive and comes in less amount it has a separate tank next to the fuel tank.
  • The AdBlue liquid goes the tank via a hose just next to the fuel filler cap.

It is important to save the environment now, before its too late. Many steps are taken by the government in order to control the pollution on the road.

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