Storage & Handling AdBlue


  • Store AdBlue® away from direct light.
  • Beyond 30°C, Sperry AdBlue ® starts decomposing.
  • AdBlue® freezes at -11°C. the automatic warming system of vehicle will allow making AdBlue
  • liquid again within 20 minutes after engine start.
  • If AdBlue® is stored outside vehicle tank, gently thaw it, it can then be used normally again
  • AdBlue® equipment clean, away from dust and dirt.
  • AdBlue® shelf life is around 18 Months. Please note the same depends on its storage conditions, and especially on the temperature in the storage location.


  • Only use AdBlue® delivered into dedicated and sealed AdBlue® package.
  • AdBlue® is classified non-hazardous: in the case of contact with skin or clothes, the recommendation is to rinse with water.
  • AdBlue® has the corrosive action on certain metals in case of spilling, rinse with water.
  • Do not use equipment (bucket, etc) used for other liquids to refill or store AdBlue®
  • Close tightly the AdBlue® bucket, container after refill.

The risk of mixing AdBlue® + Diesel


Never mix AdBlue / Diesel Exhaust Fluid® with water or any other substances, in particular with Diesel.

Mixing of AdBlue / Diesel Exhaust Fluid® and diesel is very risky because it will DAMAGE SCR & REPAIR COST will be very high

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