BS IV Bus Sales and Market share Review – 1st Qtr, 2017 – 18.

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Sales review

  • M & HCV bus sales was at 8,621 as against 11,973 last year and was down by 28%.
  • ICV bus sales down by 15% to 5,851 from 6,893 nos.
  • MCV buses sold 2,770 nos down by 46% from 5,080 nos.

Medium Commercial Vehicle – Bus

The primary reason for steep decline sales of MCV buses is, excepting running models in 11m segments,  many models are yet to be offered in BS IV. Ashok Leyland and Tata is yet to offer 12m variants in BS IV. Even in the 11m category, variants are limited and we may expect more new models to get launched in coming days. Eicher is the biggest gainer and posted positive growth of 82% over the corresponding period to 392 numbers from 215 numbers. New STU deliveries have given its benefits to Eicher.

Tata motors sold little less than 1000 units at 995 from 1,849 last year, with a drop of 46%. Tata maintains its market share at 36%. Eicher with its short-term increase in sales has increased its market to 14% from 4.2% last year. Ashok Leyland has seen a drop in sales of more than 50% to 1,383 from 2,965 nos. AL continues to lead the segment with market share of 50%. While new models and existing models continue to get streamlined in coming days, we may see normalcy in sales chart in coming months.

Indian Bus market is undergoing a transformation in the last couple of years. Thanks to new entrants like Bharat Benz and a swift response from incumbents like Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors and Eicher.

Intermediate Commercial Vehicles – Bus

The segment is one of the less affected with a drop in sales of 15% to 5,851 nos from 6,893 nos. Tata motors rides comfortably with Ultra and sold 1,677 nos down by 10% from 1,860 nos and maintains a market share of 29%. Tata will continue to work to maintain its leadership position in ICV buses.  Eicher has sold 947 nos down by 26% from 1,283 nos and has a market share of 16%. Eicher is a strong player in School bus segment and may continue to maintain leadership in the same. SML Isuzu offers buses under both the brands – SML and Isuzu. SML range of products continue to bring sales and the company maintains a market share of 17%, though down from 27% last year. Ashok Leyland makes a big surprise by reaching the no.1 spot in ICV buses for this qtr with a market share of 30%. Ashok Leyland was continuously in no.3 or 4th place in past and has little less than 20% market share, but now with new launches, Ashok Leyland has got some good sales. Lynx Smart could be a volume seller and Sunshine could bring more sales in coming years as a staff bus based on The Sunshine is already seen some pilot sales and may get new variants as well.

Bharat Benz is emerging as a premium player in ICV buses and others are following them as well. Bharat Benz is currently available in two variants and is getting better responses from the Customers. Bharat Benz is also busy getting some bulk orders from School like the one in Kochi.

Light Commercial Vehicles – Passenger

LCV passenger carriers were up by 4% to 50,864 from 48,927 units. The segment includes SCV and LCV excluding 3 wheelers. Hence the biggest player in this segment is Force with its Traveller range. Force Motors has sold 21,797 nos up by 2% from 21,230 nos. Force motors lead the segment with 43% market share. Tata Motors offers a Magic and Magic Iris and its variants contributed to 15,249 nos and has a market share of 30%. SML Isuzu has sold 4,103 units up by 25% from 3,282 units last year and has a market share of 8%. Mahindra has registered its highest growth in this segment at 28% and has a market share of 6.2%.

It is to be noted that, this segment has a wide range of products from small Magix Iris to Traveller. So this segmentation from SIAM India and its market shares arrived out of this data, may not be a right way to understand the market.

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