Imported Technology

Units are 100% manufactured in India Make In Inda and specialized in the production of AdBlue / Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) / Aqua Urea Solution 32 (AUS 32) or AUS 40 also known as marine Urea.

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Easy Transport

Easy transport because the system can easily fit in containers made in SKID and assembled on the spot

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Modular System
Optimum Space

Modular system with optimized production space requirement according to specific needs

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Automatic Process
Highest Quality

100% Full automatic & Electronic controlled process of the different of different production phases complying ISO 22241 Standards & DIN 70070

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Production unit for AdBlue / DEF / Diesel Exhaust Fluid in India

AdBlue & DEF production Machine helps manufacturers to produce their own DEF / AdBlue for their market. The new BS-IV emission limits imposed by Indian Government, in particular in regards to NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) for diesel vehicles require the use of increasingly sophisticated systems for emissions reduction and we Green Blue are prominent manufacturers of AdBlue and AdBlue production machine in India. All new generation diesel engines for on-road (trucks, commercial vehicles, and cars) and off-road applications (agricultural machines, construction machines, and stationary engines or Genset) are provided with an SCR after-treatment system (Selective Catalytic Reduction).

We are prominent manufacturers of AdBlue production plant in India, with a wide service network. We apart from manufacturing, exporting and supplying Adblue/Adblue Manufacturing Machines, company also believes in department of research and development which works to produce the best out of best and to make or mould the machineries into more simple way, so that user doesn’t get or feels any kind of complexity while taking work from the Machines. We assure to provide you with the best machines at the pocket-fit price.

Dissolving units for AdBlue®/DEF production enable small and mid-size companies to become independent producers of SCR-related urea solutions.

Because most of the volume of Diesel Exhaust Fluid is water and there are few AdBlue production plants remaining in India, we believe that the most economical way to supply AdBlue® nationwide in India is by local manufacturing and producing AdBlue. In this way, Green Blue can supply you AdBlue making Machine, Adblue Production machine to you efficiently, quickly, and with the lowest cost. In addition, it is possible to store a greater quantity of dry raw materials to cater for fluctuations in demand meaning that AdBlue / DEF will always be available when you need it.

The plant is conveniently located for distribution by road and Sea. AdBlue Machine, DEF Machine guarantees customers the best possible reliability and security in supply.

EcovBlue offers a unique combination of product quality, a package of additional services and reliability of supply. AdBlue is a liquid fuel that feeds the SCR catalyst on-board trucks; meeting the more stringent BS IV Norms on exhaust gas emissions that come into effect on 1st April 2017. From that date onwards, truck manufacturers will only be allowed to market vehicles that comply with the new BS IV emission standards. By 2020, AdBlue consumption in India is estimated to reach 31,000 M tonnes Per year. EcovBlue also manufactures AdBlue making machine to manufacture AdBlue and DEF

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